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Our Therapy Team

Rachel Barr

I work with couples and individuals in Modern Love, a place that asks a lot of relationship. I’m an active and collaborative therapist who works to move clients pasts the comforts of what is known and into the possibilities of the unknown. I work with couples across the fluid spectrum, and in monogamist and consensual non-monogamy relationships. 

I’ve worked with couples for nearly 20 years. My approach is based in Humanistic and Narrative therapies. I practice from an Internal Family Systems lens, incorporating attachment and parts work. And I am trained in AF-EMDR (Attachment Focused – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a technique utilized to process trauma. This combination of modalities is successful in increasing self-awareness, gaining practical tools needed to improve communication, and achieving more personal satisfaction.

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Rebecca Sweeney

Entering therapy can be a challenging step, so my primary focus is to meet my clients where they are in order to effect change in a sustainable way. I believe that making space for one’s own needs is the key to establishing productive relationships with others, whether those are romantic partners or platonic connections, and I care deeply about removing the barriers around mental health care, both internal and external. Read more.

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