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Sliding Scale Therapy Referrals

Being able to access sliding scale therapy can open up your options to get the support you need. You know that counseling can help you manage the difficulties and stress in your life. But you could be asking the question, "Is it worth it?" Sliding scale therapy means you can get access to the counseling you need, within your budget. And yes, therapy is worth the expense as an added life improvement and means of self care.


What is the Value of Sliding Scale Therapy?

For many clients, therapy is a necessity. But, the value has to feel right for you to invest in the commitment. Fees for licensed therapists can be quite high. That’s why I offer a sliding scale therapy option within my practice to a certain number of clients. If I have the availability, I'm happy to work with you. And if my sliding scale therapy options are full, you still have the opportunity to get the support you need.

Working with a pre-licensed Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT) offers you an opportunity to work with a Master's level psychotherapist in the process of completing the required hours for licensure, at a lower fee than most licensed therapists. I currently work with a very qualified and seasoned AMFT, Rebecca Sweeney. Rebecca has treated clients in private practice for two years, working with couples, individual adults, and with teens. Read more about Rebecca below.

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