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Experience The Impact of Therapist Consultation and Supervision on Your Practice

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your clients find the results they desire. To do that, you have to provide your practice with a strong foundation. And often, therapists work in a vacuum with the professional expertise they need to ensure that happens.


I’m passionate about supporting others in my field so you can achieve your dreams of an impactful and life-sustaining practice. I’ve spent time working with interns and associates for almost 10 years and currently supervise and mentor three Associates.

Therapist Consultation Services

Being a successful therapist isn’t just about the sessions you offer. It’s about giving support from a position of strength personally and professionally. That’s why I offer therapist consultation and supervision.

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Why Therapist Consultation and Supervision Works

I’ve worked as an advocate for public school mental health services, providing lectures and seminars to students and parents. It gave me an insight into offering support through the teaching medium. It inspired me to support therapists looking to grow their own practices. 


I’ve worked with many Associates who have launched successful practices. And we have continued our mentor relationship as I’ve proudly watched them achieve their professional goals.


Let me give you the support you need to create the practice you deserve.

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