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Compassionate. Respectful. Supportive.

Marriage and Family Therapist Serving Marin & LA

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The Guide You Need to Find The Growth You Desire

Feelings of being unworthy or the sensation that your life is unbalanced can show up in many different ways.


You could be struggling with stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling exhausted and inadequate.


Maybe you are striving to keep your relationship alive because you have built up resentments. Or you feel you just can’t communicate with your partner anymore, because they just don’t 'get’ you. You want to rediscover that empathy that sparked your passion for each other.


Or you are aware that your past is having a detrimental effect on your present and future. You desperately want to find release and emotional relief.


Do you feel like working on a solution isn't something you can fit into your busy schedule? Or that trying to find answers just isn't an efficient use of your time?

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Discover The Reality of a Better You

The good news is you can discover a more meaningful life, whether it's personally or professionally. I want you to meet the challenges you are facing. And give you insight, and education into meeting them.


You can improve the quality of your existence and get the satisfaction you want and know you need to bring balance.

Counseling Designed To Overcome Your Overwhelm

Rachel Barr Marriage and Family Therapist

Pictured: Rachel L. Barr, MFT

Sometimes it can feel challenging to seek out a therapist. You may have been conditioned to think there is shame around getting support to change how you feel.


Making the decision to get support to find relief from your emotional overwhelm is the most important and positive step you can take.


Therapy can help you find your confidence, achieve peace of mind and develop coping skills that give you self-empowerment.


You can change and discover the reality you deserve.


I have seen clients achieve these results time again working as a therapist for nearly two decades.

Take Your First Steps Towards Finding Emotional Health

Whether you are coming into my office or we're speaking online, you are entering an emotionally safe space. My counseling is a judgment-free zone. You will experience compassion, respect, and support.


When working with clients, I use a combination of Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy techniques. I love the study of human behavior and am naturally curious about people. I'm an instinctive question asker, problem solver, and mediator.


Let's work together so you can create your true path to happiness. We will devise a framework to help you achieve your emotional goals through self-understanding and self-improvement. And you will learn how to cultivate the healthy, long-lasting relationships that you desire.

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What Kind of Counseling Is Your Perfect Fit?

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Release yourself from failure and achieve success.


Discover authentic communication and emotional alignment.


Give your relationship the bedrock it needs to succeed.


Support and education to manage parent stress.



We came to Rachel in need of better tools for communication in our relationship. Her balanced and objective approach along with her humor and candor have created a space where both of us feel heard, represented, and supported. Rachel is intuitive and caring. And she had many suggestions on how to approach different issues.

What we loved most about working with Rachel, was her ability to hold clear boundaries while also being a friend we could feel relaxed and vulnerable with. Our trust in her has made it possible for us to start trusting each other again.

KHALI + JOHN  //  Los Angeles, CA

Rachel has been a steadfast source of insight, support, and education for me. She is professional, intelligent, and deep. She thinks so hard about each of her clients and how to help them meet their challenges in life. One of the strongest parts of Rachel’s professional abilities is her word choice and way of explaining things. I always look forward to spending time with her and feel refreshed and invigorated after we meet. I guess the simplest way to say it, Rachel gets it. She gets people and she will most definitely get you.

JEFFREY NORD, MFT  //  Licensed Psychotherapist + Couples Counselor

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